Top Election Day/Night moments

Opinions expressed are author’s own.

So, we still don’t know who our new Prime Minister is, and probably wont until Tuesday as they organise the declaration votes today and then continue counting the postal votesAustralian Electorial Commission are being super careful after that time in 2013 ballots from Western Australia went missing. Awkward.

Either way, it’s looking like it will be a hung parliament, which means neither of the parties hold the magic number of 76 seats. Thus, no majority. If either Liberal or Labor can achieve the majority, they’ll have to rely on independents and minor parties to get things to pass through.

Labor Club President Caitlin Roodenrys said that even a hung parliament would be a victory for Labor, “At this point it is far too close to call and the most likely situation seems to be a hung parliament, rather than a coalition win. This would be an incredible victory for Labor considering our position coming into the election and Malcolm Turnbull’s personal approval rating.”

Nevertheless, here are some of our favourite things that happened on Election Day (hint: a lot involves food).

  1. UOW’s involvement

Yep, UOW’s Liberal and Labor Clubs were both active in the election. Labor Club President Caitlin Roodenrys said, “Our members have been incredibly active in phone banking, letter boxing, handing out how to votes at pre poll stations and street stalls on the weekend. We are incredibly proud of the part that UOW Labor has played in this campaign and Labor victory.”

Liberal Club President Sam Tedeschi spoke about his experience out in the polling booths, stating, “It’s always good to participate the great festival of democracy where every voter gets to fulfill their civic duty. As it’s usually the experience, polling booths had a pleasant atmosphere across the Illawarra with campaigners from all walks of life standing up for what they believe in. Campaigners and voters were all in good spirits and enjoyed the day. It’s always good to be around others engaged in the political system, particularly young people.”

Young people involved in the running of their nation is important, and although you may not be willing to sign up to political clubs, taking an interest goes a long way.

  1. Bill Shorten Eating a sausage sandwich

Bill Shorten eats sausage sandwich. Pic via Canberra Times

The Internet seemed to lose their marbles that he bit into the side rather than from the end.

  1. The savageness of some journalist comments

Some were on air for more than seven hours. You get tired, a little loopy, you say some things you probably don’t mean. A personal favourite was the praise that Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales on ABC said to Emma McBride, who ran for the seat of Dobell, when she answered questions succinctly and directly.

“7.30 would be such a different show if all politicians answered like you,” was along the lines of what was said, before telling Penny Wong and Scott Morrison to take note.

Absolutely savage.

  1. Linda Burney

This lady is the first Indigenous woman in the House of Representatives! The newly elected Labor MP holds the seat of Barton, which includes suburbs like Kogarah and Brighton.

“We have created history here in Barton tonight, for Aboriginal people and for women.”


  1. The Halal snack pack offering (like actually, who wouldn’t want one?)

NSW Labor senator Sam Dastyari offered to take Pauline Hanson out for one of these treasures in Western Sydney whenever she so pleased.

Halal snack pack via Wikimedia

Ms Hanson promptly declined, “Not happening. Not interested in Halal, thank you…. I don’t believe in Halal certification.”

  1. Andrew Bolt’s letter to Malcolm Turnbull

Andrew Bolt published a very cranky letter to Malcolm Turnbull telling him to resign in the Herald Sun.

He said, “Your popularity, already plummeting, will fall further.

There is no way you can seriously claim that this result is better than anything Abbott could have achieved.

Abbott picked up seven seats at the 2010 election and another 15 in the 2013 election. You have lost between 10 and 15 seats and dumped key Liberal values in doing so.

You have been a disaster. You betrayed Tony Abbott and then led the party to humiliation, stripped of both values and honour.


We wonder what sparked this outcry.

So, there you have it. Some good things happened last night, as well as some strange and bizarre. Either way, we’ll be biting our nails until Tuesday.

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